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Rudarstvo i metalurgija

For legal entities / Entrepreneurs

As a driving force of the overall development of society, entrepreneurs are precisely those who, through mobility and testing in the markets of the environment, mostly contribute to the rapprochement of societies as a whole. “Hartmann und Mayer” provides entrepreneurs with specialist services related to entering new markets, specific regulations, improving sales and product placement, finding business partners and an adequate workforce of all profiles and levels of experience, according to their needs and desires.


That are aware of the opportunities and challenges in the demanding market of the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, we provide security and support in business and management as a reliable and experienced partner. You have decided to enter new markets, do you need support in organizing international business operations, finding partners or concrete sales of your products / services?

The “Hartmann und Mayer” team is at your disposal through the Western Balkans Liaison Office. Get acquainted with a wide range of our professional services and let us do a good job today.


Are you looking for reliable business partners from the Western Balkans? Have you decided on Outsourcing, are you looking for manufacturers for your Private-label/Phantom brands, are you looking for certain materials and/or semi-finished products? Do you urgently need experienced experts, project managers, certified masters, a workforce of all educational and professional profiles as well as levels of work experience for short-term or permanent engagement? You are in a safe place with us. For these reasons, our Western Balkans Liaison Office operates in this area. “Hartmann und Mayer” through the Western Balkans Liaison Office, as business ambassadors and agents, also actively acts in accordance with the interests of its partners, promotes projects and project ideas, and it is a connection in creating projects, finding quality partners and investment conditions.


Have You decided on a new beginning in one of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)? Are You aware that there are too many demanding steps to take by Yourself? In order for Your intention not to be an adventure, You decided to look for safe and reliable services? You are not sure which is the right way to validate Your degree or recognize your qualifications? Or have You simply decided to retrain for the most sought-after occupations, nurses, drivers, craftsmen or workers in qualified occupations?

Do You need support in learning and certification in German for the needs of the profession and the appropriate level for Your profession? Or are You an experienced highly educated or skilled worker looking for occasional jobs and short-term projects in EU countries?

For all this and much more, the “Hartmann und Mayer” 360® business concept for worker mobility is the right solution. Find out about the services we provide in cooperation with our partners and call us or visit us today to get closer to your goal with a reliable partner “Hartmann und Mayer” on Your side.