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Petra Kočića br. 6, Brčko distrikt BiH
+387 49 206 333
Adult Education Center “Hartmann&Mayer” in Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an educational institution established in accordance with the Adult Education Law of the Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Center is licensed and accredited to provide education for individuals older than 17 years (secondary education) or 15 years (primary education). The curriculum is tailored to the needs and capabilities of employed individuals. Classes are conducted in specially adapted classrooms, through correspondence-consultative teaching, and with an interactive relationship between the instructor and the learner. Professional practice is provided in institutions and companies qualified to conduct practical training, and upon request, learners can arrange their professional practice in other institutions and companies. The Adult Education Center “Hartmann&Mayer” offers the following educational programs to its participants:
  1. Acquisition of Secondary Vocational Education: Designed for candidates who have only completed primary school or started but discontinued their education in any other school, evidenced by completion certificates.
  2. Requalification: Intended for candidates who have completed secondary school at the III or IV level and wish to retrain for another profession through the requalification program.
  3. Qualification Downgrading: Designed for candidates who have completed the III level of secondary vocational education and wish to downgrade their qualifications to the IV level within the same field.
  4. Professional Training: Organized within the framework of informal education in the form of courses, workshops, professional training, and skill enhancement in work processes.