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Petra Kočića br. 6, Brčko distrikt BiH
+387 49 206 333

As a unique connection of long-lasting experience, our expertise and social capital requirements in all spheres of society, both in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and in the Western Balkans, but also at the European level in Brussels, the “Hartmann und Mayer” expert team together with its partners in EU countries, focusing on the corporative needs, decided to take the step toward the establishment of the Western Balkans Liaison Office, as a platform for improving business and exports, worker mobility and improving business in general.

As nonofficial ambassadors of several German, Austrian and Swiss companies that have a commercial interest in cooperation with the Western Balkans, and on the other hand companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina that have an interest in doing business in German-speaking countries, “Hartmann und Mayer” serves as a commercial specialist service and support to German and domestic companies from the Western Balkans.

From providing services to companies from the Western Balkans to enter the German-speaking countries, finding partners or services of direct mediation in the sale and product placement and vice versa, to business management consulting services or dedicated specialist training and consulting to increase worker mobility, the “Hartmann und Mayer” team is always guided by the same motto: “WITH GERMAN QUALITY OF PROVIDING SERVICES TO GUARANTEED SUCCESS”.